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Earning tips: This brother and sister is sensation now.. earning 32 thousand dollars..

This brother and sister is sensation now.. earning 32 thousand dollars..

this brother and sister is sensation now.. earning 32 thousand dollars..

NRI Desk: A brother and sister from India took their father's words.. seriously.  Earning millions of rupees per month.

However .. what .. great.  ‘There are so many earners like this in the world.  What's special about them? '  Yes .. they   are special.they have not even 15 years old as these brother & sister is now special.

Ishan Thakur, 14, from India, earns about $ 32,000 a month with his sister, 9-year-old.  In Indian currency .. The earnings of these two kids is about twenty three and a half lakhs per month.  Both of them live in Texas and have a habit of listening to their dad gossip at bedtime.  One of the sisters, who was lying in bed at night as usual, learned about cryptocurrency through her father.  Realizing that the value of Bitcoin was rising sharply, these siblings began to learn more about cryptocurrency.  Against this background .. Ethereum caught their attention.  Decided that Ethereum would stand as a tough competitor to Bitcoin forever.

Also decided to start earning through Ethereum.  However, they realized that they did not have the money to buy a large sum of coins.  It was during this time that they started the Ethereum mining operation using an old gaming laptop in their house.  In that, these kids became successful.  Ethereum raised nearly $ 1000 in the first month through the mining operation.  With this they proceeded with more enthusiasm.  It was during this sequence that the world experienced minor problems with the corona shrinking .. then rebounded.

With this, the Ethereum mining operation is currently earning a combined $ 32,000 per month.  Recently, these kids also started a data center in Dallas.  These kids earned a huge amount at a young age .. attracted the attention of the media.  Speaking to the media on the occasion, the duo revealed that the profits earned through the mining operation will be spent on college studies.  Ishan Thakur said he and his sister  want to study at the University of Pennsylvania and at the University of New York.  He explained that their goal was to become a doctor.

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