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Rithesh Agarwal : World's youngest billionaire.. The Hard work behind OYO

World's youngest billionaire.. The Hard work behind OYO

World's youngest billionaire.. The Hard work behind OYO

world's youngest billionaire, and he's not even 30 he is "Rithesh Agarwal" he is 26 years old and this guy doesn't come from New York doesn't come from California doesn't come from Sweden he comes from Rayagada, índia. a city where most people make no more than $10 a day for the first time ever I want to share with you the incredible success story of the world's youngest billionaire.

ritish grew up poor and for 18 years he struggled he didn't go to university and he had no career at that point of time I felt this was the toughest feeded I was ever gonna endure in my life at some point he was kicked out of his apartment with 50 cents in his bank account.

so so how the hell do you become a billionaire money is not what I ever cared about it is always about solving real problems for me and so he did he noticed that a nearby hotel was empty a lot of the time and the order wasn't making much money so he went to the owner and took the biggest risk of his life he promised to make his hotel better he changed the lightbulbs, he changed the beds, he added water he puts picture frames, he put room service and he took nice pictures of the hotel. and put them on the Internet and changed the name and called it all your hotel all of a sudden the hotel went from empty to full and it worked.

Plus Hotel is always the hottest when I was able to change one hotel I was pretty sure I could change hundreds at age 20 he raised money from investors at age 21 he hired 50 people at age 22 he had 500 hotels at age 24 he raised one billion dollars and at age 26 right now he has 46,000 hotels and built the second largest hotel chain in the world and he's not even 30 years old.

many people told me multiple times go to university seek help from parents to make sure that you can do that this is just not going to work think about this for a second a random kid in a poor city in India with 50 cents in his bank account became the world's youngest billionaire in five years and helped 350,000 people get jobs this isn't just luck this is the definition of hard work he worked at night he worked on weekends he knocked on doors he guessed people's emails he begged to get meetings and he succeeded even when all the odds were stacked against people that look like him but I do believe in luck I believe if you work hard your probability of being lucky increases dramatically would you don't let your nationality ethnicity age university background family status or gender come eat the way you will achieve greatness.

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