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Unbelievable: Meet the world's first and only  underwater farm

Meet the world's first and only  underwater farm

Meet the world's first and only  underwater farm

guys this is not an aquarium this is the world's first and only underwater farm. where they grow plants like this,  for people to eat. the question is how do plants that live underwater, taste like. in italy we introduce you to "fridico".

i'm federico and we have the world first and only underwater farm. to grow food you need land. our population grows we will need more land to grow more food, and now that we're billions, but we don't have enough land to grow the food, so fridko and his team thought if there's no space on land why don't we grow food underwater the owner of the company sergio gamberini started to do it as a joke but when he started doing it he realized it actually worked turns out it's actually doable.

Underwater farm

first they created huge transparent bubbles they put them 20 feet below the sea and anchored them to the sea floor with chains and finally they brought in the pot of plant and grew them like you would on land we also monitor plants 24 hours a day with automatic system and our sensor connector to a control tower growing plants underwater might just be better than on land here you don't need chemicals to kill pests because well there are no pests the temperature is always the same and you don't even need to water the plants why because of the difference in temperature inside and outside the biosphere the salty sea water condenses and turns into fresh water droplets that's why we have an unlimited source of fresh water in the biosphere.

welcome to this system is self-sustainable it's eco-friendly and according to the team the plants grow faster stronger and with higher nutrients than on land we have tested more than 100 plants and all of them grow very well so what you're looking at now is beans, strawberries, even tobacco is also grown underwater. it's like going into space, it's tough but exciting to be clear this is still a lot more expensive than farming on land but they are working hard to build more farms under water frideku's work isn't just about growing food it's about building a world where we live in harmony with nature both above and below water.

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