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Movie Review: Plan 'B' Movie Review. Did Srinivas Reddy's plan B  worked?

Movie Review: Plan 'B' Movie Review. Did Srinivas Reddy's plan B  worked?

Movie Review: Plan 'B' Movie Review. Did Srinivas Reddy's plan B  worked?

Title: Plan b
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Cast: Srinivas Reddy, Surya Vashishta, Dimple, Murali Sharma, Raviprakash, Abhinav Sardar etc.
Production Company: AVR Movie Wonders
Producer: AVR
Story-Screenplay-Words-Direction: KV Rajamahi
Music: Swara
Background music: Shaktikant Karthik
Devopi: Venkat Gangadhari
Editing: Aavala Venkatesh
Release Date: September 17, 2021
Rating  : 3/5

In the last few years, not only big films in Tollywood .. If the concept is good, even small films are making good money.  If there is anything new in the story, big or small, the audience will appreciate the film.  That’s why recent short films in Tollywood are boldly coming forward to audiences through theaters.  Even though most of them have been successful.  Recently, another short film 'Plan‌ B' greeted the Telugu audience through theaters.  The film is a suspense and crime thriller starring Srinivas Reddy as Surya Vashishta and Dimple as the heroine.  The trailer, which has already been released, has received a positive response to the teaser and has sparked interest in the film.  Let's see in the review how much the audience liked 'Plan B' which came with exact Plan.

See the Story..?

People from a village in Andhra Pradesh have no children.  The men in the village do not have children due to low sperm count.  In this order a doctor who came to the town would provide good medicine and make everyone have children.  However, a couple in the village do not have children.  The doctor then delivers the semen to the baby through IVF.  If cut .. Before the death of a retired police officer to his daughter Rs.  Promises 10 crores.  Five crores of it goes to the orphanage and another five crores to himself.  But that money will be stolen.  Lawyer Vishwanath (Srinivas Reddy), on the other hand, and private teacher Rishi (Abhinav Sardar) are killed in different places.  For these murders, Rs.  What has 10 crore theft got to do with it?  Who stole that money?  How did the police officer (Murali Sharma) crack the case?  What has the doctor got to do with the original story?  What is Plan‌b?  Who laid it?  That's the rest of the story.

How is it ..

Telugu audiences have always admired suspense and crime thriller films.  But, if taken in the right way.  With that in mind, director KV Rajamahi came up with an innovative storyline.  The points he chooses, the screenplay he writes, the characters he designs are all good.  The Plan‌b story revolves around a lot of characters.  However .. he showed every character and scene very clearly on the screen without any confusion to the audience, without missing any logic.  But his quest would have had the right result if he had taken on some of the more well-known actors.  Most of the story is famous but the presence of actors is a bit of a minus.  The twists and turns that come in the wake of the police investigation are thrilling to the viewer.  The police investigation, however, seems a bit silly to anticipate what happened.  The twist that comes with the longer climax‌ however is pretty much to the viewer’s imagination.  Vocal music, Shaktikant Karthik's background score is impressive.  Venkat Gangadhari Cinematography is good.  The production values ​​are in line with the cinematic level.


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