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Petrol Price: Central to controlling petrol prices .. Corrective action launched in the wake of five state elections ..?

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Narendra Modi – Petrol Price: Is the Center headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the task of controlling the skyrocketing petrol prices?  Has corrective action been taken in the wake of the five state elections?  That is what the Delhi community is saying.  Will actual petrol prices fall?  Going into the idea, it seems that petrol and diesel prices are going up but not down.  Concerns are being raised across the country in this regard.  With this, it seems that the central government has started corrective measures.  As the 5 state assembly elections approach, it seems that the Center is ready to face the challenge of oil prices.

According to central government sources, efforts are being made to reduce petrol and diesel prices.  It seems that the central government is in constant consultation with the finance ministry to reduce petrol prices.  The Petroleum Ministry is reportedly in talks with the Finance Ministry to reduce oil prices.  The Ministry of Petroleum is concerned about the high taxes being imposed on oil prices.  It is hoped that the decision will be made to reduce the burden on the public in terms of tax.  It is learned that the central government is planning to review the LPG subsidy.  Information that LPG subsidy is intended to be provided only to those in need.

It is not enough for the central government alone to take decisions to bring down oil prices.  Sources in Delhi say they are in talks with companies for this.  From Saudi Arabia to Russia, the center is discussing with oil companies the possibility of lowering prices.  It seems that the principle agreement has been reached that the price of a barrel of oil should be US $ 70 for the next three months and decisions should be taken accordingly.  In fact oil prices in the country are skyrocketing.  There is strong opposition to petrol and diesel prices across the country.  Petrol rates in all major cities have crossed the Century.  Diesel is also approaching the Century.  Opposition groups called for a halt to the protests, saying "there is no shortage of fuel in the country.

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