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Rain reports AP : Severe damage to AP with heavy rains

Rain reports AP : Severe damage to AP with heavy rains

  • So far 24 people have been killed and 17 lost
  • Property damage of over Rs 4 crore to TTD with rains
  • The aerial survey was conducted by CM Jagan
Thirumala: Four days of torrential rains have lashed Chittoor, Anantapur and Kadapa districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Heavy to very heavy rains and floods caused severe loss of life and property.  The government had initially estimated that 172 zones in four districts would be affected by the rains.  So far 24 people have been killed.  17 people were abducted.

Officials said the crop was damaged on 23,345 hectares.  Of that, 19,644 hectares were reported to have been damaged by horticultural crops.  Chairman YV Subbareddy said TTD had suffered property damage of over Rs 4 crore.  He said it had not rained at this level in the last 30 years.

Landslides were reported in four areas of First Ghat Road and 13 areas of Second Ghat Road.  The road and footpath on the Srivari footpath were partially destroyed.  Kapilatirtha said a mandapam in the temple was damaged.  Accommodation and food have been arranged for the devotees who stopped in Tirupati due to rains.

He said it was decided to allow devotees who had tickets and could not come to the darshan after the rains subsided.  It was revealed that repairs were being made on a war footing.  CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Saturday conducted an aerial survey of the flood-hit areas.  He spoke to local representatives and collectors on the flood situation in the respective districts.  Victims were ordered to stand by.  The state government has released Rs 7 crore for immediate relief.

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